Temple of Divine Mother

Temple of the Divine Mother
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ISIS Temple / Temple of the Divine Mother is a place to share all aspects of the Divine Feminine. Shared rituals, concepts, ideas, poems, invocations, ponderings, all welcome here. Concepts for rituals for rites of passage for women and girls (lost baby teeth, menarche, sacred sexuality, pregnancy, motherhood, cronehood, etc)

Ways to honor the Divine Feminine through ritual and prayer, to the Goddesses we honor and to ourselves. Share your temple practices and share your at-home Divine Feminine rituals (magickal baths, recipes, meditations) here.

Virtual temple offers virtual shakti. ;)

Temple Etiquette:

Conduct yourself as you would in any temple. Enter with respect for yourself and the others who share this space. Honor this space and the highest good of all.

No chaos for the sake of chaos, please. There are lots of other places to play with those energies. Use your energies consciously!

There are many topics which are welcomed here, but all in the spirit of honoring Divine Mother. Practice yamas and niyamas and refrain from spamming. If you wish to notify us of another community, please make sure that it is relevant to our community.

When posting rituals, recipes, invocations, meditations, prayers, etc… please let us know if the source is original, borrowed, inspired, etc. Honor the source from which your muse has sprung.

Much love and gratitude to you for joining in community at these sacred times. Enjoy.