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Warmest greetings

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Sep. 24th, 2008 | 11:13 pm
posted by: open_ajna in isistemple

Thought I'd re-post my introduction  - why not?

As moderator of this community I've noticed that there have been several new members as of late.  I am glad when people take a moment to introduce themselves.  It definitely feels more community-oriented.  

I encourage everybody to post an introduction - make it as brief or not brief as you wish.  I'd really like to read people's sharings; from your experiences to your outlook to your written rituals (the ones you feel comfortable sharing with others) to rites of passage you have observed... recipes for magickal or celebratory foods and events, ritual baths, etc.

I'll introduce myself.  I am a 30-something in the Hudson Valley region of NY state.  I am a Priestess, initiated in Magdalen mysteries as well as a legally ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek.  I'm married and have 3 cats.  Last year, I became a mother, to a wonderful Goddess incarnate, whom I birthed in a tub on my patio at home.  She just turned 1 and is teaching me more than anyone has ever before.

I do healing work specializing in vibrational healing, IET, and homeopathy.  I'm also a yoga instructor and I teach yoga classes and prenatal yoga as well as yoga for babies.

Over the years, I have explored various forms of spiritual practices and disciplines.  In my 20's, I was in a neopagan coven for about 7 years and studied shamanic practice.  I've most recently developed myself through my yoga practice and the disciplines associated with Tantric or kundalini yoga, and have the privilege of studying with a teacher in the Dadaji lineage (Sri Lakulish Bhagawan, an incarnation of Shiva).  I've also been on the path of the Priestess, learning about and through my Matrilineal spiritual lineage (ISIS, Anna, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen) and high alchemical practices associated with this lineage as well through attending Mystery school in my area as well as taking on some studies with Qala Sri'ama Phoenix.  I resonate quite strongly with these studies as I explore myself through them.

Currently I do not have a spiritual identity label and this suits me just fine.  I am more closely resonant with the path of Tantra and spontaneous experience and living Prana, with a special interest on the Goddess path.

Among my many interests, I enjoy baking, writing, playing music and yoga.  Much of my devotion takes the form of food or crafted goods as well as self developed ritual  :).  As such, I will try to share within this community from this level of my experience.

I'm always interested in learning through the shared experiences of others and I enjoy reading people's perspectives on the universe.  I've enjoyed many a conversation about celestial families of lineage, expansion of collective planetary consciousness, the acceleration of planetary energies, the Mayan calendar, Pleiadian consciousness and presence, and so on.  I am not interested in arguing with people about spiritual paths.  I honor that everybody who chooses a spiritual path is striking a resonant chord with the divine indwelling and I have patience that no matter how militant or seemingly intolerant a person's opinions may become at any given time, that a person is exactly where they need to be and I have faith that all paths lead to the same great ocean of Source.  This includes my own ever-evolving ideas and opinions. ;)

When I created the isistemple  LJ community, I was feeling spontaneous inspiration to write devotional poetry and was creating some self-healing rituals that I was receiving clear (channeled) guidance.  Much healing work around relationships and the heart.  It felt like the right time to invite a written community for like-minded people, as I have already made some significant soul connections through LJ that I did not expect.  I also belong to several LJ communities that have broadened my scope of experience and for which I am truly thankful.

It's my hope that isistemple  serves as a virtual temple for Goddess observance, as well as a wellspring of inspiration and a font of community sharing and discussion.  May all blessings shower upon you if you are reading this entry.  May we all experience deep heart healing and expansion and great love.

In peace,

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from: open_ajna
date: Sep. 25th, 2008 03:45 pm (UTC)

adding you back. :)

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