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birthing temple and altars

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Aug. 8th, 2007 | 10:17 am
posted by: open_ajna in isistemple

it has been a while since I've posted here.  I posted photos in my personal LJ but thought I'd post here as well.  These are pictures of birth altars and a birth temple that my husband and I have made here in preparation for our upcoming arrival - baby due sometime in the next week or so and we're having a home birth.

Here is the LJ entry with photos of the ISIS meditation room in my house that is a potential birthing area (we designated several since labor energies are not predictable).

Here are more photos:

birthing temple canopy that my husband assembled over the weekend:

weather permitting, we definitely hope to deliver on the patio in the outdoor tub.

another birthing altar within the house:

this has many items that were gifted or loaned to me at my Blessingway, in addition to items I have:
a bowl of seashells we've collected
a celestite, bloodstone, orange calcite egg, and a piece of stone from Glastonbury
photos and images of Lakshmi, Parvati, ISIS and Osiris, Mother Mary with infant Yeshua (Jesus), 
Bapuji, and a Guardian Angel, as well as a pic of me as a baby
with my mother and grandmother (they both passed away this past year)
a quail egg, and some rose petals from the Blessingway
sage, candles, water from an ISIS priestess circle
a cross and a star
a brass Ganesh and a small jar that my brother made for me (he is a glassblower) which has nesting in its belly a penny with my birth year.

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